Our Automation Tools
Max Sales Buddy

Supercharge your sales warriors with the ultimate mobile sales management solution. Max Buddy helps your sales team smartly manage multiple sales and stay up-to-date with the information they need to close deals and exceed their targets. Lead your business to the next level with Max Buddy.

Max Retailer Connect

Optimize Retail operations, from inventory management to customer engagement, for exceptional experiences. Streamline sales processes, monitor stock levels, and provide personalized customer service.

Sales Automation

Our Sales Automation Module, powered by Max, encompasses cutting-edge solutions like Max Sales Buddy and Max Retail Connect. Together, they forge a dynamic duo that propels your sales strategies to new heights.

With Max Sales Automation, we redefine your approach to selling. Max Sales Buddy provides your sales force with the tools and information they need on the move, ensuring they are always ahead of the game. Meanwhile, Max Retail Connect bridges the gap between retailers and distributors, ensuring seamless order management and fostering more robust relationships.

Embrace a new era of sales automation. Our Max modules empower your team to enhance their sales performance, optimize communication, and expand their visibility into your business operations. Sales are not just transactions; they are relationships. Max Sales Automation Module is your key to nurturing these connections, driving growth, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Elevate your sales strategies today with Max!


Seamless Retailer-Distributor Collaboration: Foster strong partnerships and improve supply chain coordination.

Effective Communication: Facilitate clear, instant communication between sales teams and customers.

Customer Relationship Management: Nurture long-term customer loyalty with robust CRM features.

Real-time Sales Insights: Make data-driven decisions using real-time reports and analytics.

Enhanced Sales Performance: Improve sales with accurate, real-time insights and efficient order management.

Data-driven Decision Making: Make informed choices based on real-time analytics.